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May-Jun 2021- The Duchess Theatre

An Aria Entertainment and Lambert Jackson production


Written & Performed by Jack Holden

Composer, Performer & Sound Designer- John Elliott

Director- Bronagh Lagan

Set & Costume Nik Corrall

Set & Video Design - Stufish Entertainment Architects

Lighting Design- Jai Morjaria

Movement Direction- Sarah Golding

Co-Sound Design- Max Pappenheim

G M & Ass. Producer for Aria Entertainment- Chris Matanle

Producer- Lambert Jackson

Producer- Aria Entertainment


1988. Soho. His last night on earth.


When he’s diagnosed with HIV in 1984, Michael is told he’ll have four years to live – at most. So, with the clock ticking, he and his partner Dave decide to sell their house, flog the car, and spend everything they have to party like it’s the last days of Rome. When Dave dies two years later, Michael doubles down on his hedonistic ways, spending what little he has on drink and drugs.


On the last night of his four year countdown – the 29th February, 1988 – Michael decides to go out with a bang. He puts on his favourite jacket, heads for Soho, and embarks on a long night of farewells. He says his goodbyes, dances, sings, and says yes to everything and everyone. Then, with all his affairs taken care of, Michael promptly… survives.


Michael got lucky. He’s been given the gift of life; but what kind of life can he now live?


Written and performed by Jack Holden (War Horse, West End; Ink, Almeida Theatre) CRUISE is a celebration of queer culture; a kaleidoscopic musical and spoken word tribute to the veterans of the AIDs crisis; an urgent piece of theatre, with an irresistible 80s soundtrack, which will make you laugh, make you cry, and which inspires us all to live every day as if it’s our last.




Best Director by Off West End Awards  2020


Best Musical Production by Off West End Awards 2020


Best Lighting Design in a musical by Off West End Awards 2020


Best Set Design in a musical by Off West End Awards 2020


Best Musical Direction in a musical by Off West End Awards 2020


Lead Performance in a musical by Off West End Awards 2020


3x Best Supporting Performance in a Musical by Off West End Awards 2020


Rags, in concert 2014


Theatrical Event of the Year by Whatsonstage 2014

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